Sunday, March 7, 2010

Okay here's my take on the Oscars

Good morning! Did everyone watch the Oscars last night? Thank goodness I'm on the West Coast, not sure I could have made it through the whole thing on East Coast time! I'm sure every blog out there has an Oscar post this morning. Well, here's mine. I'll keep it short and sweet....first off, thrilled that Sandra Bullock won Best Actress. I LOVED The Blind Side and she was fantastic in it. Also, very happy that Jeff Bridges won and I thought his speech was so sweet. I never saw Avatar (and actually heard it was very good) but I must admit I'm a little happy it didn't roll in all of the awards. Didn't see The Hurt Locker yet either (I know I need to see more movies!!) - but I'm glad the little movie made a bigger splash. Always been an under dog kinda person!

And now, for the most important part of the night, the FASHION of course. Here are my top 3 best and worst dressed.....

BEST DRESSED goes to Rachel McAdams. Oh my how I love that dress.

And coming out to present with Jake Gyllenhaal, what more can a girl want?

Close second goes to Demi Moore. Beautiful ruffles!!

#3 has to be Elizabeth Banks. I love that color, and more ruffles. Yep, love it.

And now for my least favorite....

Eeek, that's pretty much all I have to say.

As we know I love ruffles. But seriously? Way too many.

Okay and for my least favorite...sorry Charlize, you are one classy woman....but as it's been said, you look like you have two cinnabon's on your boobs.

So what do you think? Agree/disagree with my picks? Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend


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  1. Rachel McAdams looked stunning and Demi blew me away when she stepped out in that gown. And my husband and I both agreed that Charlize dress was super unflattering.