Monday, June 21, 2010

We had our ultrasound and it's a...................

GIRL!!! Wow, I did NOT see that one coming! I really did think we had another baby boy coming our way. Why you ask? The Johnsons have boys. I feel the exact same way as I did last pregnancy. The old wives tale of the heartbeat? Yep, that said boy too, heartbeat has always been in the 140's and low 150's...same as Owen. But nope! The ultrasound tech assured us (many many times, after we just stared at her dumbfounded and kept asking 'really???') that it is in fact a girl.

So, now that I have digested this news, I'm getting quite excited about our baby girl. And I think I need to buy her this from Layla Grace

That's right, I've gone from thinking about buying more buying a tutu instead. A super pink, overly frilly tutu. Because well, I just can't help it. And I'm certain she'll look adorable that one time I put her in it and take her picture.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I'm off to dream in pink.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If I still lived in SF....

Then you can bet I'd be visiting the newly opened Toss Designs on Chestnut Street. Doesn't it just look like a fun shop? I love the bright colors, white moulding and chandeliers. I'm sure we'll be making a trek into SF sometime in the next couple of months, but for now I guess I'll have to do my shopping online. Here's what what I'm loving from their site...

Hope all of you are having a lovely week!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Projects before baby - Owen's Room

Now that baby #2 is just 20 weeks away, I'm starting to feel the pressure to get some projects done around the house. That nesting extinct? Yep, I have that my entire pregnancy!

First up, I want to update Owen's nursery from baby to toddler. What do I have planned? The changing table is moving to the baby's room, so is some art work. Crib though is staying...he'll just be turning two and unless something drastically changes, I don't think I want to make the transition to big boy bed before our little one arrives. He'll have enough change in his life! The color scheme of red and blue will also stay the same. I just want to make some minor changes to make it a little more 'big boy'. I'll be sure to show you the changes, but for are some pictures of his nursery as it is now. Sweet baby Owen, I love your nursery and will miss it! It means you are growing up!

Taken from the doorway looking right...Owen's white sleigh crib is done in the Serena & Lily Rex bedding. Hanging above is his mobile from Bla Bla Kids, and to the right is his beloved giraffe. Unfortunately I'm blanking on where I got the fabric print...but if it comes to me I'll let you know!

Close up of his crib, notice that the bumper has taken some wear and tear! He tends to put his head on the bumper while he sleeps. Time for a pillow perhaps? It's on the list!

His dollies...he sleeps with them every night and every nap and LOVES them. I find him snuggling them while sleeping and it just makes my heart melt. Both from Bla Bla Kids.

Around the room we go...underneath the window is a budget bookcase find from Target.

And in the other corner is our cozy reading/snuggling nook. Hanging above is Pretty Smitten's alphabet print in red.

And that cute blanket? It's from Pixie Dust.

Hanging above his changing table is another mobile from Bla Bla Kids...can you tell I love them?

And finally...his matching pouf from Pixie Dust. Adorable and fun.

So there it is! My little guy's room. I love how it's not too 'matchy matchy' and red theme, but not overboard. So what to do to update it? Well, the wheels are major changes, but I think a few touches here and there will really help the room grow with my little boy. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New to the Stella & Dot Bridal Boutique....

A few new pieces just arrived to the Stella & Dot Bridal Boutique, so I just had to share! Perfect for a bride, bridesmaid....and heck, even if you're not getting married these rings are too fabulous to pass up.

How much do you love this cocktail ring? Vintage classic.

Or this one?

And one more to choose from!

Priced at $39 and $49, you really can't go wrong. That's what I love about Stella & Dot, you don't have to spend a lot of money to add a little fun to your outfit. Shop these styles and more here.

Hope you guys are having a good week so far!

Monday, June 7, 2010

There's a bump growing around here...

and it's my BELLY. Yep, that's Johnson #2 is on the way!! I'm almost 19 weeks now and feeling great so I wanted to share our exciting news. My husband snapped this picture of me over the weekend, I think my arms look funny...but it does show my baby bump so it serves it's purpose!

Our little guy/girl is due on November 4th. Owen will be two on November 10th, so we'll have a busy month! I guess from here on out I'll be in major party planning mode in October :)

I'll keep you posted as the bump grows!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretty Smitten on TV!!

I'm so excited to share that Pretty Smitten was featured on a local SF news station over the weekend! The girls at Project Nursery, Pam and Melissa, were featured in two featuring nursery design and the other featuring party planning tips! Pretty Smitten's invitations were included in the party segment, yippeee! I feel quite honored. Watch the clip here. And watch the nursery design segment here. And read all about it on Project Nursery's blog here.

Thanks so much to Project Nursery!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Have you missed me?

Yes, I've been back for over a week...and yes, my blog sure has been neglected!! We had an amazing trip and the past week I've been busy with shop orders and just generally getting life back on track. But I did want to share a few of my favorite pictures from our trip...

We first spent a few days in NYC. Oh how I love that city! We've been there enough times so that we no longer feel the need to do any touristy things. My favorite parts? Walking through Central Park and of course shopping, especially in SoHo. Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from our afternoon in the park.

My guys

Owen with Grandma and Grandpa

Me and my sweet boy

The only real problem we encountered? Owen did not like taking naps in his stroller. And since we were on the go the entire time, this was pretty much the only option. He would only pass out once he was so exhausted he couldn't stand's one such occasion...

After NYC we headed to my inlaws house for some R&R in Maryland. Maryland (or at least where they live) is like a different planet from my little town in Northern CA. Grass, grass and more grass. Green green green. I LOVE that. And so did Owen. He wanted to be outside running all of the time. Luckily Grandma was willing to take lots of walks!

Taking on the important task of watering the plants on the deck

Playing football in the front yard with Daddy and Uncle Dennis

And what toddler doesn't love bubbles? I just love this carefree run, he's happy and free!

So thanks for your patience folks! I will try to get back to a more regular posting schedule. Hope you all had a wonderful few weeks.