Sunday, June 13, 2010

Projects before baby - Owen's Room

Now that baby #2 is just 20 weeks away, I'm starting to feel the pressure to get some projects done around the house. That nesting extinct? Yep, I have that my entire pregnancy!

First up, I want to update Owen's nursery from baby to toddler. What do I have planned? The changing table is moving to the baby's room, so is some art work. Crib though is staying...he'll just be turning two and unless something drastically changes, I don't think I want to make the transition to big boy bed before our little one arrives. He'll have enough change in his life! The color scheme of red and blue will also stay the same. I just want to make some minor changes to make it a little more 'big boy'. I'll be sure to show you the changes, but for are some pictures of his nursery as it is now. Sweet baby Owen, I love your nursery and will miss it! It means you are growing up!

Taken from the doorway looking right...Owen's white sleigh crib is done in the Serena & Lily Rex bedding. Hanging above is his mobile from Bla Bla Kids, and to the right is his beloved giraffe. Unfortunately I'm blanking on where I got the fabric print...but if it comes to me I'll let you know!

Close up of his crib, notice that the bumper has taken some wear and tear! He tends to put his head on the bumper while he sleeps. Time for a pillow perhaps? It's on the list!

His dollies...he sleeps with them every night and every nap and LOVES them. I find him snuggling them while sleeping and it just makes my heart melt. Both from Bla Bla Kids.

Around the room we go...underneath the window is a budget bookcase find from Target.

And in the other corner is our cozy reading/snuggling nook. Hanging above is Pretty Smitten's alphabet print in red.

And that cute blanket? It's from Pixie Dust.

Hanging above his changing table is another mobile from Bla Bla Kids...can you tell I love them?

And finally...his matching pouf from Pixie Dust. Adorable and fun.

So there it is! My little guy's room. I love how it's not too 'matchy matchy' and red theme, but not overboard. So what to do to update it? Well, the wheels are major changes, but I think a few touches here and there will really help the room grow with my little boy. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Someone I know has the same giraffe and they are using it to take a picture of their baby by each month to show how much he has grown! Cute idea, no?

  2. SO cute! Wish I had thought of that 19 months ago! :)

  3. OMG, L-O-V-E his nursery - those mobiles are to DIE for & I absolutely love the ABC print! I can't wait to display mine in my little girl's room!