Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Are My Sunshine...

Every night before I put Owen down to bed, I sing him "You Are My Sunshine"...and almost every time he yawns and puts his head on my shoulder. It's one of the sweetest moments of my day and was the inspiration behind my new line of song prints. Along with "You Are My Sunshine," I have "Baby Beluga," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and "I'm a Little Teapot." I think they turned out quite cute but I must admit I don't think the photos are turning out as well as they could. I've tried a bunch of different locations, lighting, etc., but they are a bit hard to see. What do you think? Anyway, I might still play with the photos, but I'm happy to have them now available in my Etsy shop. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pretty Smitten with....Etsy and Pleasantly Plump Knits

I figured it was fitting to have my first "Pretty Smitten with..." post be about Etsy. There are so many talented people on Etsy, I could spend hours upon hours searching all of the unique handmade items. And where would my little shop be without Etsy? I do local orders, but I feel like my shop can truly grow with the Etsy platform. I started the basics for my shop back in March, but it took me a bit to develop my online concept better and get everything looking the way I want. As many of you know I'm sure, it takes a while to get all of the details right... wording, photos, pricing, shipping...there's a lot to consider when going online! But helpful tools like The Storque and the Forums made the process easier and I do feel like I'm truly on my way now. 25 sales and counting, I'm happy with that!

So for my very first Etsy find, could these little booties be any cuter??

I found them in the Etsy shop Pleasantly Plump Knits run by Meghan, a self taught knitter! Very impressive self teaching! Booties are available in a rainbow of colors and have cute names like Pink Lemonade, Saturday Afternoon and Strawberry Shortcake. The booties shown above are the James Dean...I just wish I had seen them sooner! My little guy is almost 9 months old and her sizes go up to 9 months. So they are marked as a favorite and I will definitely be getting a pair for our next baby. Thanks Meghan for letting me share your adorable booties and keep up the great work!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here I go...

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and starting a blog! It's definitely an intimidating feat...there are so many fantastic blogs. Blogs on interior design, fashion, babies, name it and there's a blog. So how do I differentiate my blog...the Pretty Smitten blog? Well, I guess I'm not really sure yet. What I do know though is that I want to feature products/ideas/crafts/designs that I am "Pretty Smitten" what is that exactly? I know I'm Smitten with paper goods (pretty obvious given my Etsy shop). But given that I'm a mommy to an adorable 8 month old boy, I've also become quite Smitten with many baby products out there. And even though I live in suburbia (which I love by the way...I used to live in San Francisco, which i loved too of course, but I couldn't park my car anywhere to save my life. How nice is it to just drive to the grocery store and PARK? ahh the simple things in life). Anyway, I digress...even though I live in suburbia, I love design and decorating. Good food. Fun fashion. Traditional modern, that's me.

So stay tuned folks... and I would love to know what YOU want to read about! You my readers (not that there are any yet), are the most important to me! So speak up :)