Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here I go...

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and starting a blog! It's definitely an intimidating feat...there are so many fantastic blogs. Blogs on interior design, fashion, babies, name it and there's a blog. So how do I differentiate my blog...the Pretty Smitten blog? Well, I guess I'm not really sure yet. What I do know though is that I want to feature products/ideas/crafts/designs that I am "Pretty Smitten" what is that exactly? I know I'm Smitten with paper goods (pretty obvious given my Etsy shop). But given that I'm a mommy to an adorable 8 month old boy, I've also become quite Smitten with many baby products out there. And even though I live in suburbia (which I love by the way...I used to live in San Francisco, which i loved too of course, but I couldn't park my car anywhere to save my life. How nice is it to just drive to the grocery store and PARK? ahh the simple things in life). Anyway, I digress...even though I live in suburbia, I love design and decorating. Good food. Fun fashion. Traditional modern, that's me.

So stay tuned folks... and I would love to know what YOU want to read about! You my readers (not that there are any yet), are the most important to me! So speak up :)

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