Monday, March 19, 2012

iPad3 Case

Okay everyone...I finally have an answer for you! The new iPad 3 cases will be available to ship by the beginning of April (at the latest). They will feature a black snap in style case and the same sleek design we've all grown to love! So go for your order for your case now, we'll get the design proof finalized, and they'll get in the queue to ship!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Room for two...a sneak peek

With our third baby (a girl!!) due less then 2 months from now, we are in full preparation mode around here. Our two little girls will be sharing a room, which means a makeover for my sweet Amelia's room. We have some final touches to complete....but just had to share a little sneak peek....

I'm in love with the way this room is turning out. I might move in too.

Stay tuned to see more!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Links to Love

Another busy week, and we find ourselves on Friday again! Hope you enjoy my little round up from around the web...

Found some fun wedge shoes at Target this week, getting in the summer mood! Couldn't find the tan ones online, but check out the blue and white striped ones here.

And came across an interesting article on Pinterest's Terms of Use. Hmm, not sure how scared we should be? But I'm officially addicted and it will be hard to give up now!

Another interesting article, this one thanks to A Cup of Jo who mentioned it in this post. Titled "Are You As Busy As You Think?" says most of us are actually less busy then we think! And it's all about prioritizing...

And one more just in case you're in a reading mood this weekend....found this article on how to stop your iPad from crashing. My husband seems to have this problem with his iPad 2. He'll be sending an email, and bam, it just closes down. Every now and then I have it happen with my iPad 1. With my iPad 3 on it's way....I'm really hoping I won't have to use the tips from this article, but good to bookmark anyway!

Speaking of iPads...don't forget to enter the giveaway over at Stripes and Sequins for one of our personalized iPad cases.

And our promotion at Gilt City is ending on Monday! $55 for an iPad case, with free shipping. There are 4 packages to choose from, our popular rugby stripe is almost sold out!!

Happy Weekend my friends!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

iPad 3.

It's here! The much anticipated iPad 3 was announced yesterday (like you didn't know), are you getting one? I have one on order, yay! I have the iPad 1 now and I'm so excited to upgrade. So my question for you dear readers...what are you favorite apps? I'm going to try and use my laptop less, iPad more. I do all my design work on my nice big desktop, so hoping to use the iPad in the evenings. Would love to use it to stay organized (calendar, recipes, to-do lists, photos), answer emails and would LOVE to use it to blog. Any tips? Any bloggers out there that write posts from their iPad? I'm curious, especially how it works when uploading the pictures. Would love any and all advice! :)

Another hot topic with the iPad 3 release is of course our iPad cases. Do they fit? I've had quite a few inquiries already! Unfortunately I don't have an answer for your quite yet. I will know from my manufacturer in about two weeks if the current style will fit, or if they are going to design something new to accommodate the iPad 3. Thank you for your patience! If you want to place your order now and 'get in line' then I'm happy to work with you now on the design. Then once the case style is finalized we can get your design moving forward quickly! Cases can be found in my shop.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty Smitten on Gilt City!

If you read Friday's post...then you may remember I mentioned there would be a deal starting today on our new personalized iPad cases. Well the deal is live! Head on over to Gilt City LA to get your iPad case at the discounted price of $55 plus free shipping! There are 4 packages to choose from. Shop when you can...our last promotion with Gilt City sold out quickly!

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Links to Love

Okay, so I didn't do too great with posting this week either! But I have some good excuses...and you'll find out about them soon! Be sure to check back on Monday, there just might be a good deal to be found on our new iPad cases. I've also been in nesting overdrive. I'm a nester by nature, so now that I have only 2 months until our THIRD child arrives...we've got some serious house projects in the works. One of these involved wallpapering yesterday. I'll show you soon.

So thanks for bearing with me...hope you enjoy this little week in review.

Design Darling, the boutique, launched yesterday. It's darling alright! I have my eye on that pink greek key pillow. And if you haven't already checked out her should!

Came across these on Cupcakes and Cashmere...YUM.

Love that these drapes are made from West Elm shower curtains

Dreaming of sunny days...and wearing these adorable flats! Found them on Zappos, and only $59.
Have a wonderful weekend!!