Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Announcing Pretty Smitten Party Printables!

Have you been wondering where Pretty Smitten's Party line has gone? If so...it's baaacck!! It's back, but it's changed. So here's the deal...I've realized in the last few months that with two babies, another one on the way, a business that's getting bigger and bigger and a household to run...I have to streamline! Streamline, streamline! That's been my motto so far for 2012. I've done some organizing, changed up a few production techniques...and made my party line PRINTABLE!

I've had so many requests for my line to have a printable option, I'm not really sure why it's taken me this long to listen! Not only am I able to streamline my business, but it allows my clients to throw a Pretty Smitten party on a more wallet friendly budget.

To start off I have two printable party packs available...

My red wagon theme in bluebell and red has always been a huge hit in the shop, so this one I knew had to become a printable option. Find it here.

And then I wanted to create something completely new. Fun, colorful, girlie and modern...I created a Rainbows and Butterflies party featuring a colorful chevron pattern. Find it here.

Each printable party pack contains 13 PDF files plus a Pretty Smitten Tips & Tricks document to help you craft your party items. Both parties can be used for either birthday parties or baby showers! The base party package is not personalized, however we do offer personalization of certain items for a fee.

And to celebrate this new line I also created a mini Valentine's Day party pack...available now until Valentine's Day for only $5! Perfect for all of your Valentine's Day festivities....use the printables for a party at home or at school, classroom treats and teacher gifts.
So what do you think? I hope you like my new party line!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

PS Color Crush: Red & Pink

Yes, Valentine's day is around the corner so it's understandable why this color combo is on my mind...but I think it's pretty fabulous for any time of year. Don't you agree?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New iPhone Cases

While Pretty Smitten Baby made it's big debut last week, these darling new iPhone cases also made their way into the shop. I decided they needed a posting to themselves!

Fun and vibrant, I'm loving this new chevron design. You get to pick the colors.
Can't pick just two colors? We have a solution for that! Find this rainbow one here.

Another design popped into the shop as well. In Pretty Smitten fashion you get to pick your pattern, colors and monogram style. Find this one here.

Hope you like them! Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing Pretty Smitten Baby!

Pretty Smitten Baby is here! We've been hard at work and are so excited to announce this new arrival. We have photo announcements, coordinating stationery, return labels and stickers...the entire line can be seen here. In true Pretty Smitten fashion, the designs can all be personalized with your choice of pattern and/or color. And of course we wouldn't leave out our signature sparkle! Announcements and stationery are hand embellished with a mini Swarovski crystal. It's chic, it's fun and trust us...adds that little something extra.

Below are some of my personal favorites...

The sweet Emma collection. It's shown here with the floral pattern in blossom and strawberry.

Photo announcement

Folded note card

Return label and sticker

The Tate Collection

Photo Announcement
Folded Note Card
Return label and sticker

And the Avery...Tate has to have a sister, right?

and Hudson...shown here with the medallions pattern in bluebell and navy.

More samples can be seen in our shop.

So what do you think of Pretty Smitten Baby?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pretty Smitten with....M&L Monogram Necklaces

I originally came across this fun necklace at one of my favorite SF boutiques, Toss Designs. Since then I've seen it pop up on Pinterest and in a few online shops. I'm smitten! From the jewelry designer Moon & Lola... it's made from acrylic and you get to pick the color for your monogram. Comes in in three sizes too.

The script single initial is pretty cute too...

Hardest decision would definitely be the color choice...love the hot pink and orange...

But if you can't decide on color, there's also a gold and silver option!
So are you smitten now too?

A dream closet

Over the weekend the Mr. and I decided it was time to clean out our closet. I clean it out pretty often, flip through my clothes and decide what to donate or toss...but this time was different. This time we were brutal. I realized there were a bunch of things that I had flipped through 3-4 times thinking...well, maybe....but not anymore! The goodwill mountain grew and grew and we now have a very lean and clean closet. It, however, is not pretty. No pretty shelving or organizers. Just the basics from our original builder. So...of course I had to go searching for some closet inspiration. Where better then Pinterest?

Here's a few I found that caught my eye...

Color coded and very well organized, these people know how to fold clothes!

This one was modeled after Carrie Bradshaw's closet in the SITC movie. Beautiful! Love the bench down the middle. Pretty and practical.

One of my favorites...from Honey We're Home

Here's a cute idea for what to do with all of those nice boutique shopping bags you don't want to throw away...frame them!

And since this post is title 'dream closet'....

Are you on Pinterest yet? It's a time sucker for sure...but a fun one. Follow me here and you can see a few more photos I pulled for my closet inspiration. Or let me know if you need an invite and I'll send you one!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Silhouette Cameo

January always has me cleaning things out, organizing and preparing for the New Year. I love an organized house, and always feel at my best when things are in their place. Yep, I'm type A. With that in mind I've been considering getting the Silhouette Cameo...have you heard of it? It's a cutting tool similar to the Cricut, but it can also cut vinyl and fabric! Mainly I love the idea of making all sorts of labels.

Like these for the pantry.

Or create chalkboard labels for the playroom.

Or to keep and entryway organized. Numbers or names would work well here...

And I think this idea is cute, vinyl numbers on a front door or garage entry door.

Obviously it can do way more then just help to organize your house.

Love these monogrammed mugs.

and pillows

and monogrammed slipcovers...

But I know I'm just scratching the surface of what it can do. So does anyone own the Silhouette Cameo...what do you use it for? Do you use it often enough to justify the $299 price tag? These are the things I'm wondering....


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!! Did Santa bring you a new iPhone? My shop is re-open and is stocked full with iPhone cases! The rest of my line...along with some exciting new designs and products....will be joining the shop in the next few weeks. I'm taking this first part of January to work on my new designs and 'clean house'. Don't you just love how the New Year brings on a fresh start?

2011 has been a fun-filled year...Pretty Smitten continues to grow by leaps and bounds! I'm excited to start 2012 and see what it brings!