Thursday, January 5, 2012

Silhouette Cameo

January always has me cleaning things out, organizing and preparing for the New Year. I love an organized house, and always feel at my best when things are in their place. Yep, I'm type A. With that in mind I've been considering getting the Silhouette Cameo...have you heard of it? It's a cutting tool similar to the Cricut, but it can also cut vinyl and fabric! Mainly I love the idea of making all sorts of labels.

Like these for the pantry.

Or create chalkboard labels for the playroom.

Or to keep and entryway organized. Numbers or names would work well here...

And I think this idea is cute, vinyl numbers on a front door or garage entry door.

Obviously it can do way more then just help to organize your house.

Love these monogrammed mugs.

and pillows

and monogrammed slipcovers...

But I know I'm just scratching the surface of what it can do. So does anyone own the Silhouette Cameo...what do you use it for? Do you use it often enough to justify the $299 price tag? These are the things I'm wondering....



  1. Love all of these ideas! I'm not crafty enough to justify the cost, but could you get it and use it for items in your shop? If so, it might be a tax deductible expense for you.

  2. So I have the silhouette. Not sure how the cameo is different. I cut vinyl and think I can change my blade for fabric. I LOVE it when I used it. Problem is I don't whip it out enough. I would recommend it if you were to have it out on a desk somewhere and super accessible all of the time. It sort of rocks and is a great tool. Just my two cents ;)

  3. Thanks girls!! Preppy Girl, great idea about that tax deductible expense. And Courtney...that's exactly what I'm worried about, not using it often enough! Hmmm...think I'll have to search more project ideas to see if it's worth it! :)

  4. I've been considering buying one for months (even the original version) I finally ordered one last week. I worried about the cost but I figured if I've been thinking about it for 6+ months then I should go for it!

  5. Even if you "took the plunge" and purchased it, you could sell several sets of those pantry storage labels and probably offset your initial investment in no time! I know for certain I couldn't justify the cost of a Silhouette but I would be one of the first in line to buy the labels if there were sold in an Etsy shop, already made for me!

    I think for every person out there who has great time and energy to invest in these things....there are an equal amount of folks like me who order these things premade for them! :)

    I say go for it and then tell us when you have pantry labels to sell - I'll buy a set!

  6. Sarah, good to know!! Might just have to do that!! :)

  7. One thing I love is NO CARTRIDGES! Have been contemplating this purchase for a couple of weeks - my husband even added it to my Amazon wish list to watch the price. :)

  8. I got one agt Christmas and just started today figuring it out. Starting with my daughters Valentine Box. So far so good.