Thursday, March 11, 2010

My first Farm Fresh box has arrived!

Hi all! Sorry this post is a little later in the day then was one of those mornings. My little guy woke up extra early, our fridge is on the fritz and the milk went bad (meaning no baba for little one and no milk for mama's coffee!!) AND the comcast cable and internet connection went down. Yikes. So after our morning playdate, lunch and now finally nap (my son's, unfortunately not mine!) - I am finally able to write my blog post for the day.

But I think the wait was worth it, I'm so excited to share with you today what I got in my very first Farm Fresh to You produce box! It arrived all nice and packaged on my doorstep this morning....

All packaged up...and on the box they even ask you to return the box to them the following week for reuse. Love that!

I had ordered the smallest box and didn't put in any special requests. You are able to request which vegetables you like/don't like...but I figured I'd be adventurous! I wanted to see what they would bring me. So here's everything I got.....

It contained 2 Braeburn Apples, 2 Navel Oranges, 1 Fuji Apple, 1 Green D'Anjou Pear, 1 Eureka Lemon, 1 Green Cauliflower bunch, 1 Red Chard bunch, 1 Green Kale bunch, 1 head of Romaine Lettuce, 1 bunch of Nantes Carrots, and 1.5lb of Russian Banana Fingerlings. Phew! That's a lot I think for the small option. It is $25 a week which I think is pretty reasonable considering the quality of vegetables! Already ate one of the apples with lunch and it was delish.

So now I have to plan my menu around all of this great produce! Any suggestions? I'm thinking roasted cauliflower for sure, easy and yummy. And then might put those lovely fingerling potatoes on the grill this weekend....


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