Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday!! Links to Love...

Okay here we are at another Friday! Hope everyone had a great week! Plans for the weekend? Around here we are sticking by the home front. A few little projects and a lot of relaxing. I think it's supposed to rain so that means we'll be cozied up indoors.

And now for our Friday Links to Love...

Married almost 4 years and I can always browse wedding photos. For some amazing inspiration and real life wedding photos check out this blog - the picture above is a teaser!

Battling to brush your toddler's teeth? Me too. Advice is here.

Oscars are Sunday!! Get prepared by checking out the nominee list first and then printing a ballot to keep it interesting!

Looking for something to eat while watching said Oscars? Try this chili and then these for dessert.

And finally, if you are in the mood to are some unique totes, courtesy of a darling Etsy shop called drika.b.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Happy Friday to you to. Can't wait to watch the Oscars...I always get happy when this show arrives. I was at the hospital watching the Oscars with friends and family several years ago when my Isabella was born! Always seems like an extra special celebration to watch them! Janell

  2. What a sweet memory!! Definitely makes Oscars night even more special :)