Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Farm Fresh

Yesterday at my Mom's group we had a nutritionist, Amanda Louden, come speak to us. She spoke a lot about what I believe in already....eat food in as close to it's original form as possible. So basically, limit the processed, packaged foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, grains and dairy. When I got home I checked out her blog and found some great tips and recipes. Thought I'd share a few!

Favorite tip I found...make salad ahead! Do all of the chopping and put a great salad together, then just store it in a salad spinner in the fridge. Just add dressing for an easy weeknight salad. Or use at as a topping for tacos, wraps and more. Genius! Now remember, on that salad don't top it with a sugar filled store bought dressing. Make your own or just use oil and vinegar.

Now for some recipes...there were so many to choose from and I'm dying to try some of them out! Here's an appetizer, main course and dessert to get you started. Check out all her recipes here.

AND guess what else? I signed up for Farm Fresh to You....organic veggies and fruit grown on a local farm and delivered right to my door stop on a weekly basis. Yay! I get my first box a week from Thursday, so I'll let you know how it goes!! Interested in signing up for something similar? Check out this website to find a farm near you.


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  1. That salad storing idea is genius! I'll definitely be using that tip.