Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will you be my Valentine?

So are you in the Valentine's Day is just an over-hyped commercialized holiday camp....or do you love it as much as I do? Now, I do agree it's way to commercialized, buy this buy that....overpriced dinners and flowers...but what I can't get enough of is the little things. Little notes to say 'I love you' a sweet treat for a friend. Pancakes shaped like hearts for Owen, and a night of take out and movies on the couch with hubby. Now that's my kind of Valentine's Day. So if you are looking for some little ways to make the day special, check out some of our Valentine's Day options.

A few stickers...small or large, these can be put just about anywhere! Add them to lunch bags, notes and cards. Or making some sweet treats? Our larger stickers are a great way to personalize them.

A couple of note cards...just a little way to say I love you. Tell someone you are thinking about them this Valentine's Day! Or let your child sign them and they make a great alternative to the store bought Valentine's.

And remember, any of our items can be created with the Valentine's Day theme. Cupcake toppers, invitations, favor tags and gift tags...everything you need to make your Valentine's Day Pretty Smitten.



  1. I love Valentine's Day not for all of the hype but all of the hearts, love and little things! Beautiful creations - heading over to your shop now!

    PS I'd love to be your Valentine!

  2. Yay!! A Valentine!! Thanks so much for your comments and support :)