Friday, January 15, 2010

A new year...some resolutions

Pretty Smitten hit the ground running in summer of 2009 and I'm quite pleased with my little shop so far. 264 sales and counting! My favorite parts? The creativity....I love designing new products. The more I create, the more my head spins and I think of more! I also love the 'crafting' part. When my son is napping and I get to print, cut, add my little crystals...each part is done with loving care. It's a happy time, ME time. I also love talking to my customers. I love that I get to be a part of their events, create special stationery for them, or help them give a gift to a friend. So...what's up for 2010? Well, like everyone I'm sure, I have some resolutions....for my shop, for my blog and for me:

For Pretty Smitten...

1. DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN - new products always take a lot longer then I think they will....there's the initial design, then prototypes and tweaking here and there. And then when I'm happy with it the photos and Etsy listing always take a bit too. But I think if I just try and devote a little bit of time each day then who knows what I'll be able to come up with? That's what I love, the possibilities. Now don't expect new designs every week :) But I just want to have the goal of keeping my creativity percolating.

2. Start reaching out to blogs and magazines to get my name out there! I haven't done one bit of PR or advertising yet. My sales so far have come solely from Etsy site searches. I did have a couple mentions (Spearmint Baby and Style At Home) and let me tell you I was thrilled with those! But I can't just wait for people to contact me....get out there there girl!

For My Blog...

3. BLOG MORE! Time is the biggest problem here. The days fly by and what do you know, I've neglected my little 'ol blog. Well, my goal for 2010 is 3-4 postings a week. I'd love to say a new posting every day, but I want to be realistic! I'm also hoping by blogging more and following through with resolution #2...that I'll get more readers! I would love to see some more comments this year!

4. Share my love for interior design. Now I'm not saying I'm great at it...but I LOVE to update our house and I'm constantly looking at design inspirations. My favorite blogs are dedicated to design and the home. Is that reflected here? NOPE! How did that happen? Well, for 2010 I hope to share with you some of my adventures in home design.

And for ME...

5. Walk 3-4 times a week. In the mornings I love to go on walks, it's really the main way I exercise! Owen goes in the stroller, the dogs on their leashes and we're off! The loop we do is about 3 miles. It's a great chance for Owen to have a little mellow-out time...we're down to 1 nap a day but he still needs a little break in the mornings! And the dogs love to get out too. So it's good for everyone! We do average about 3-4 times a week my goal for 2010 is to keep it up!

6. BE IN THE MOMENT - I heard this just the other day, on Oprah??? Can't remember. But it's just a good reminder...when I'm working on Pretty Smitten, devote that time to Pretty Smitten. When I'm playing with Owen, just play with Owen! When I'm cuddling on the couch with my husband, just do that! My iPhone is a little to accessible sometimes. SO, just be in the moment.

Okay that's all folks. A lot of writing for a Friday. But just wanted to get it all out there...

HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a wonderful long weekend.