Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Just as promised in my resolutions...a little interior design!! I love a good blog. Who doesn't? And I LOVE a good design blog. LOVE. So what is one of my top favorites? Nest Egg!! I actually only recently found it, but I'm obsessed already. Written by Rachel Halvorson of Rachel HalvorsonDesign - she's cute, fun, spunky and most importantly has a great design sense. A fantastic blog for inspiration, she manages to find all of the best photos from great sources. Here are a few...

I love a white kitchen and dream of remodeling mine. It's already white but lacking that monster if I could just knock down a wall....

Urban Grace Interiors

don't worry, I do realize this is a black island. Still love it.
two above from Designer Nathan Egan

And right next to that kitchen...I'd bump out our breakfast area window to build a banquette! Rachel posted a love it or hate it article on banquettes...well I'm in the LOVE category. Always have and always will love them. Cozy and comfortable, a great place for a family breakfast.

unknown source

martha stewart magazine

domino mag

Elements of Style

I'm into orange lately - just bought a cute orange box the other day from Home Goods, it's bright and fun and pretty much has no purpose except to sit on my shelf and make me smile. Now, do I know if orange is 'in' right now? NOPE. But she posted this in Sept '09, so I'm not too far off! Makes me smile to see that orange!
House Beautiful

Fantastic, no? Plus she tells you about some great resources. Favorite one...Premier Fabrics! These are all $9.99/yard and below. Perfect.

Okay folks, hope you enjoyed this posting! But now I'm off, little guy is waking up so 'baba' time it is :)


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