Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday Shopping!

A sacred event in my Mom takes my sister and I shopping on our birthdays each year. My birthday isn't for another week, but my Mom and I are headed out tomorrow for my birthday shopping treat. Yipppeeee! A day of browsing, shopping, chatting and lunching....all without the stroller! Now I actually don't mind taking Owen to the mall, there's a little play area and he loves it. Pottery Barn Kids is a bit hit. The real Pottery Barn? He cries every time we go in. Seriously. And he will tolerate me trying on a few clothes, but let's face it...more fun when you don't have to wait for the large dressing room, navigate the stroller into it, and then dance around while trying on clothes to keep little man entertained.

So in preparation for my BIG DAY OUT tomorrow...I've browsed online at a few of my favorite stores to see what I might have to check out in person!

Nordstrom - always a 'go to' store. Even more necessary to hit it up tomorrow because I have a gift card from Santa (well, actually my inlaws) that's burning a hole in my handbag. First, love the shoe options and I'm forever in the market for new fun flats...

Cute little ruffle, fun way to join that trend

Basic black with fun baubles
Dreaming? Probably! But love this tote. Looks roomy and LOVE the color.

Would I look like a large escaped inmate in this? It's possible. But looks super cute on this gorgeous skinny blonde model....
And from American Eagle...oddly I like this store. Full of teeny boppers, this store can also be full of some good deals!

Really want the classic Burberry trench. Since that's NOT going to happen....

More flats, loving these bright and cheery ones!

I have been considering the super skinny skinny jeans....the ones I have tried on so far have been $150+. But these? $39.50. Done and done. A great way to test a new style out!

Just a little something...

And now for my favorite GO TO stores. Anthropologie and J Crew. I could spend days browsing Anthropologie the store...oddly though always have a harder time finding things online. JCrew on the other hand? Love everything on the website, but then things always seem a bit difference in person. Either way, love them both. Couldn't live without either.

From Anthropologie...

cute little blouse. Perfect under sweaters for now
Loving stripes. This one is just too cute for words.
And on to J Crew. Can't go wrong with a cashmere sweater. Is melon the new spring color? First the Coach bag and then this. Love.

And because you can never have too many pairs of jeans...these look comfortable and stylish. Perfect with those above flats. Or heels when I get into them!
Okay, that's as big as I'm going to let my dream list get! Wish me luck tomorrow! I'll report back on Monday. Till then, have a fantastic weekend.


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