Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to enjoy some vacation

Hello all! Instead of my usual Friday Links to Love, this is going to short and sweet reminder that my shop is closing for vacation starting Monday, May 10th through May 23rd! Why so long you ask? Well, next week we are heading to NYC and Maryland and I knew I needed a few days to get my family prepared for the trip. And guess where I get to go when in NYC??? THE NEW YORK STATIONERY SHOW!!! Yes, I am THAT excited. I'm not exhibiting or anything (holy cow so not ready for that yet), but I'm planning on going just to check out the scene. See what it really takes to have a booth. Yay, I can't wait! I will take loads of pictures and share them with you all, promise. Then we are in Maryland to relax and enjoy time with my in-laws. Definitely looking forward to the break. You never know, I might even have a bit of time to add some new items to my shop. There are a few things in the works that I know you all will like! So stay tuned, have a wonderful couple of weeks and I'll be back on Monday, May 24th!

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