Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday!! Links to Love...

Hi all and welcome to the weekend! What do you have planned? We've been having rain during the weeks and sunny weekends...guess I can't complain about that. So I'm looking forward to spending more time outside with my little man. And on my list this weekend is to finally take some pictures of my vegetable garden! I told you I'd show you pictures and I haven't yet....bad blogger. The plants are still tiny but won't it be fun to watch it grow?

But for now, here are my Friday Links to Love....

I'm feeling festive. No parties to plan right now, but if I did you can bet I'd be making these party hats.

Chalk Marker Tags? Genius, no chalk dust.

Feeling crafty? How about making these giant paper poppies to coordinate with those party hats.

How cute are these egg night lights? Stars on the ceiling...yes please.

I guess I'm in a crafty mood because I would love to make this too.

Have a great weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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