Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are you watching? It's a Food Revolution

Have you seen Jamie Oliver's new TV show Food Revolution? I'm hooked. Here's the scoop - he's gone to the town of Huntington, West Virginia in an effort to get the town cooking again. Working in an elementary school he's attempting to get rid of all processed food. Chicken nuggets, pizza, 'mashed potatoes' are the status quo and everything has a long list of ingredients that can't even be pronounced. Enter Jaime...he wants to cook fresh, wholesome meals. Real chicken. Real salads. The fact that this even has to be a Revolution is quite sad, but it's definitely the case. Jaime even gets push back from the lunch ladys and nutritionist! Amazing. But watching this show makes me 1) route for his cause with gusto and 2) continue to want to cook fresh, healthy meals for my family.

Check out his website to sign his Food Revolution petition and find some great recipes. Here's a few that look great.

And here's one that Owen is sure to shell pasta with creamy smoked bacon and pea sauce

Happy Eating and HAPPY THURSDAY!

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