Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on the Big Boy Room

Well we've done it. Owen is in his big boy bed! After browsing my inspiration photos, we decided on the camp bed from Pottery Barn Kids. Mainly because I am in LOVE with the navy color. It's perfect for our little man.

We put it together a couple of weeks ago. Night time is going good. Probably because he's so tired from NOT NAPPING. Yikes. We've had probably 3 or 4 naps in 2 weeks? The other nap times have been spent playing, and playing....and playing in his bed. Cars have made their way in there. Blocks too. I figure we're still in the adjustment period, right?? Besides with this face how can I be upset?

So now I still have to work on the other items for the room. Some things are staying and some we have to buy new.

We have the rug. And the dresser. We're going with the baseball bedding from Pottery Barn Kids and I'm loving this lamp too. Haven't picked all the art work yet, but I know I love these airplane prints. Better get shopping. Can't wait to see this room finished. And lets face it, can't wait for him to start napping again...which one will come first?

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