Tuesday, August 2, 2011

(PS Shop) Introducing Cheetah

Somewhere in blogland I saw someone write that "cheetah is the new black" - love that. Love it because I LOVE the cheetah print. Remember these shoes?
I still love them, good job Old Navy. That was last October, right before Amelia was born. And cheetah is still going strong.

J. Crew has some adorable flats right now.

And this belt from Emerson Made? Darling!!!

Cheetah has found it's way into interior design too. I've wanted to put hardwood floors on our stairs for a while now...but maybe cheetah carpet instead? Found on my latest obsession,
pinterest...if only I had endless amounts of time!

And here it pops into the picture on an ottoman in Lonny Mag.

So clearly the time had come to add this fun and stylish pattern to Pretty Smitten designs.

In a note card...

Lucite tray....

a melamine platter...

or an iPhone case

This could get addictive.


  1. So happy I stumbled across your blog to find this post because my blog is called Cheetah is the New Black (after my love of cheetah prints)! They totally are addictive! ;)

  2. Just found your blog and etsy shop. Love it all!