Friday, October 29, 2010

EmersonMade Giveaway at Elements of Style

Oh my! It's giveaway day over at one of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style...and guess what's up for grabs?? An entire EmersonMade outfit!! Remember this post? I've had a crush on EmersonMade for a while now and would be so thrilled to win this giveaway! Erin at Elements of Style has decided to spread the love, so each winner will win a piece of the outfit.

First up, these amazing bluebell jeans. I picture my post pregnancy body to be just like Emerson's...hmmm, yep, high expectations :)

The beautiful black and white silk ribbons top is also up for grabs. This is definitely my favorite of the bunch. So fabulous.

And how about some go-with-everything pumpkin/nude heels?

A beautiful EmersonMade flower...

And an adorable clutch to top it off.

Now I do realize that by telling you guys this I will diminish my chance of winning. But that's just how much I love you! Good luck everyone and Happy Friday!!

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