Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy (belated) Birthday Sesame Street!

I just found out that Sesame Street and Owen have the same birthday!! Sesame Street just celebrated their 40th birthday on November 10th, so they are 39 years older then my little guy. My mom always tells me how that 1/2 hour in the day was the one time she could count on to get a few things done! That's because I grew up when there was no DVR, not even a VCR at first, and a small fraction of the TV channels that there are today! So Happy Birthday Sesame Street...sorry it's a week late! But we love you at the Johnson house, past and present

Here are a few ways it was celebrated...

My favorite Bakerella cake Sesame Street characters. SO SO cute.
Love these.

A visit from Michelle Obama

You'd think I would have seen this one, aren't I on Google every day?? Well, I didn't. But I think it's adorable! And there were many others too, see them all here. Big Bird is my favorite though!

Happy Birthday Sesame Street and Happy Thursday everyone! Don't forget to check back tomorrow for our giveaway to celebrate 200 sales!

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