Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Extending my vacation...

Hello all! I hope you had a fantastic holiday!! We over at the Johnson family had a wonderful Christmas. It's amazing how much more fun it is with a little one in the house. And don't get me wrong, I loved Christmas before. But now? Even better. At 13.5 months Owen still didn't get the whole present thing...unwrapping, etc....but he sure did enjoy the toys once they were open! So now we are in rotation mode....hide a few toys, bring them out every few days...and voila, they are all new again. Genius.

I must admit, I'm still totally in vacation mode. My original plan for this week was to tackle the never ending and all encompassing to-do list. You know, boring things like clean out my closet, organize my office and clean the tile in the kitchen. Thrilling right? But then there are the fun things...like finally finish Owen's baby album! That's the top of my list. AND there is the Pretty Smitten to-do list. I have so many new products that I would love to add to my shop. Some are in more of the design phase still, but some are almost there....

Okay, so why am I blabbing about all of this? Well folks, I don't think I'll be opening my shop again until January 11th. I know, I know....that seems like forever from now! But, I promise when I do open there will be a few new and exciting things. I'm not promising how many (remember that baby album that has to be done)...but at least a couple! And I'll feel much better about starting the New Year of Pretty Smitten if I can just cross a few things of my list.

Now if any of you were dying to order something on January 3rd (come on, someone, right??) just email me or convo me and I'll squeeze in your order. I don't want to let anyone down!

Enough babbling. On to the list. And for now, enjoy this photo of Owen on Christmas. He's in his new wagon and pretty happy about it. Just put a bow on his head, his little smile was my present this year!

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