Thursday, December 3, 2009

We're back!

Hello all! Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We arrived home late Tuesday night from Maryland. It was a wonderful holiday filled with lots of family time. My brother and sister inlaw have 3 boys and Owen was thrilled to play with his cousins. They made him laugh and he watched wide eyed everything they did, it was too cute for words. And of course Grandma and Grandpa spoiled him the whole time!

And can I just say, I love Maryland! We've been there to visit many times...but I think I saw it with new eyes. What did I see? ROOM TO PLAY! The boys could run, play football, ride bikes and bigwheels...all in their driveway and yard. And since I'm pretty sure we're in for 3 boys too (the Johnson's have BOYS!!!) I would love to have that space! I love our house in California, and we actually have a decent sized backyard for California standards...but lets face it, it's just not the same! But it is nice to be home. I do love home. I love my own bed and Owen is happy to be back in his own crib.

Yesterday I spent doing laundry...and more laundry....and unpacking, and organizing, and does a house need cleaning when we've been gone for over a week? Well who knows, but it does. But I'm back and Pretty Smitten is back, and we're ready for the Christmas season!! Remember, my shop will be closed from December 18 - January 3rd so that I can enjoy the holiday with my family. So place your orders early!

Happy Thursday everyone.

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