Wednesday, October 21, 2009

J Crew - Fall Fashion Finds

I'm a J Crew girl. It's my go-to place for chic little pieces that are easy to throw on, look good, and wear with an 11 month old in tow. Here are some of my favorites for fall....

Kelsey Ruffle Top in cinnamon spice
LOVE THIS. I have a similar top from JCrew with ruffles at top in a pretty light pool color and I wear it all the time. This one would be a great fall option. Layer it under cardigans and blazers or wear alone for date night with hubby!

Such a cute alternative to the longer coats. Throw is on and you're ready to go. Love the yellow option too, but navy is classic and I know I'd wear it all the time!

I have the JCrew Minnie pants and they are such a great fit. I imagine these are too! Wonderful with flats or heels. And how easy would it to be to pull on a pair of boots over them? No worries about stuffing in the pant leg.

Okay I love heels. But lets face it, I wear flats pretty much everyday. That doesn't mean I can't have cute flats though! Love these modern yet classic ones. Would go great with the above mentioned toothpick jeans and Minnie pants!

Heirloom Flora Earrings in butterscotch
My son is getting over the 'pulling on Mommy's earrings' stage and I've started wearing hoops and dangly earrings again. Hooray! I want to celebrate with a pair of these!

Duchess Stone Necklace in soft pumpkin
Necklaces still interest my son, but they don't come with the danger of ripping Mommy's earlobe off so I still wear them! Besides, they can provide some much needed entertainment in the grocery store line.

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