Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Links to Love

If you've been a reader of this blog for a while...then you know that I used to do a post called 'Friday Links to Love'. Well I thought I'd bring it back! There are SO many fun things to find on the web, and this is a great way to gather a few of my favorites every week. So here we go...

Found another use for the Silhouette machine in this laundry room update post on iHeartOrganizing. Still on the fence about getting one, but I'm definitely starting to lean towards yes!

YUM. This looks fun and festive for Valentine's Day! Found thanks to my addiction to Pinterest.

Ordered this darling print. Wish I had seen it earlier! Perfect V-Day gift for the hubby (well, for me really). I think it will look perfect tucked into a bookcase shelf, a little unexpected love.

Beautiful calligraphy, LOVE it, really wish I had that talent. I don't. Learn to fake it here.

And a big thanks so Pocket Change for including our blog on their Best of the Web series.

Happy Friday everyone!

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