Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet Cakes

Hello all! It's been a busy week so far...Pretty Smitten's shop is in full swing again and I've been creating all kinds of party items. One of my favorite party items to create is our cake toppers. A birthday cake is often the main centerpiece at a party, so it better be good! I love to bake and I love to drool over pictures of cakes online. I'd love to try and re-create them all, but no one has that kind of time, right?? So lets just check out the pics instead...

Pink, ruffly perfection, from Martha Stewart of course. For sweet baby Amelia's first birthday perhaps? No, I'm not at all ready for her to be ONE (we have a looong way thank goodness!) But yes, I'm already thinking of her birthday party! I'm ready to dive into the pink. Don't you think this would be just perfect with our Eiffel Tower and Poodle motifs? Oh yes, I do.

Here's another pink cake which wouldn't require all of those ruffles. I love me some pastry tips, but I won't bet the bank that I can recreate those ruffles. Love how simple and sweet this one is is...from Bondville, found on Sara's Party Perfect. This one would work well with any of our girlie, castle, cupcake...and could easily be changed to blue for a boy!

And speaking of's a sweet sailor cake also from Martha. Fantastic with our sailboat motif in bluebell and chocolate. Those frosting peaks on top are perfection.

And I have always wanted to make a rainbow cake!! This one is the BEST that I've found online. I've stored this colorful picture for a while now, from Whisk Kid. Combined with our rainbow motif, this would be one fun party!

And also from Whisk Kid, this adorable Lemon and Almond cake. How cute would it be with our bee motif?

Are you drooling yet? I'll be dreaming of cake tonight.

And if you're planning a party, we hope you check out all of our party motifs! They can be found here and here.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great minds think alike. I had a version of that first cake via Martha Stewart replicated (sort of) for Lilly's first birthday in November!

  2. hi elizabeth.. the cakes really look great. i bet a lot will be interested.
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