Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrity Home: Jennifer Aniston

I'm a day late in the blog world with this posting...but I still wanted to share. Two nights ago I'm on the couch just after Owen has gone to bed. Wine in hand and Access Hollywood on the TV (or Extra?? they are all the same to me). So yes, quality television is happening. But Jennifer Aniston is being interviewed and talking about her home featured in Architectural Digest. I'm intrigued obviously! I love her and I to love to look into people's homes, see how they live. And a celebrity? Well, I'm guessing they live pretty well. So last night dug up some photos online of her house. To be honest?? The only thing I really love about this house is the view. I find it a little dark and depressing. Was she dating John Mayer during the renovations or something? Anyway, she refers to it as a 'warm hug' I'll just be happy for her that she has created a home she loves. Who am I to say, right?

Photos by Scott Frances for AD. Images pulled from Jennifer Aniston Source.


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