Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The storm has hit!

Okay the weather guys weren't kidding, we really are in for a storm! It's raining like mad and the wind is whipping around like crazy out there. Good thing I brought in our patio umbrella, I'm pretty sure if I hadn't it would be in the neighbors yard. But I love it, we don't get that many real stormy days around here and it's a great chance to stay cozy indoors all day.

So the Mac n' Cheese last night? Well I chose the John Legend's Macaroni and Cheese from Martha Stewart mainly because I had most of the ingredients and the prep was easy. I substituted whole wheat penne for the elbow macaroni but other then that followed the directions exactly. To be honest? Thought it was a little runny. Maybe a little less liquid next time? Or the whole wheat pasta doesn't soak it up as much? It sure is easy though and deserves another shot. Meant to take pictures but in the last minute scramble to get dinner on the table didn't have a chance. Bad blogger! Sorry folks, next time I promise.

Have a great Tuesday. I'll be in my comfy clothes, playing with my son and watching the rain!

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