Friday, October 2, 2009

Great weekend reading...Happy Friday!

On my favorite blog again this morning, Elements of Style, and read Erin's post about another great internet find - Lonny Magazine. Created by Michelle Green of the fabric company, Rubie Green, and Patrick Cline, it's an online magazine full of fantastic design inspirations. I definitely haven't had nearly enough time yet to comb all of the pages, but what stands out? The fact that you can click on a picture you like and it links you directly to the made easy! Below are just a couple pictures from the magazine, but more can be found on Elements of Style and the magazine itself....

I'm particularly fond of the second photo....a Cavalier King Charles is so sweet sitting on the chair! I might be a little biased (I have two Cavaliers myself!) but aren't they just the cutest dogs? And they are sweet and friendly and love to cuddle. Can't get any better then that. Well, if they didn't shed, they would be the PERFECT dog. But oh well, that's why Swiffer was invented.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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