Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Wish List

I've been busy busy with holiday orders...but I did steal a few moments to put together a quick holiday wish list. A girl has to have priorities, right?

I've been wavering back and forth on Hunter boots for so I really need them? Well, obviously no, I don't. But I've decided that I would like them! High gloss black please...

with the cheetah lining!

And now that C. Wonder is open online I couldn't help but pick out a few things from their fun site. Love these Ikat coffee mugs.

And this elephant plate.

which would look fantastic on this beautiful bar cart from Society Social. Loving the faux python in stone.

And while I'm making a list, I might as well add in the iPad2! I have the iPad1 and love it, but the upgrade is calling my name. Question is, when does the iPad3 come out? Should I just wait?

So what's on your holiday list?


  1. I love everything on your list. I have been drooling over the C Wonder site and am so sad that they don't ship to APO addresses.

    I have the white iPad2 with the pink smartcover and I love mine.

  2. Oh I like this list Elizabeth. And I have to say, I have that exact barcart, it's FAB! I got it for baby boy's nursery to use a fun table but sadly it doesn't fit!!! Blast. Trying to figure out where I'll put it now.

  3. Love this whole list!!! I just got the iPad2 last week and love! My tetchy friend assured me a 3 was no where in sight.

  4. Absolutely get the hunters! I bought some 2 months ago and wear them constantly, good weather and bad!