Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty Smitten with Tray Vous

My son and I are proud members of the Bugaboo crowd. It's great...turns on a dime, flips to fold in no time and really grows with your child. Okay so I love it, but it's definitely missing one very important element. A TRAY! How Bugaboo not think to include a tray I will never know. But luckily, Lauren at Tray Vous has solved the problem! I found her ingenious tray while googling possible tray attachments. It's perfect, snaps right into place where the carrying bar is normally attached. A cup holder, some room for snacks, and voila...the Bugaboo perfected. The only problem is it's not available to consumers yet! I chatted with Lauren and she's in the process of talking with manufacturers and hoping to bring it to the market soon. I will be keeping my eye out and will let you know once it's available.

Thank you Lauren for creating Tray Vous!!

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