Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Owen's 'almost' big boy room

Remember this post, when I said I wanted to update Owen's room to slightly more 'big boy?' Well it's done! It's been done for a while actually, minus a few details, but I'm finally getting around to photographing it to share.

No major changes were made, but a few important things did get done. First off, I moved the changing table to the nursery and replaced it instead with a dresser. A cute little red one from Ikea. For now I still have a changing pad on top. It's a little high, but I find he doesn't squirm as much when he's on a traditional changing pad.

Second, I removed his crib bumpers and updated the bedding. And if you recall from my earlier post, his crib bumpers were starting to look a little worn because he used them as a pillow! So Owen is now the proud owner of his very own pillow. His new sheet is from the Pottery Barn Kids surf line (which doesn't seem to be available any longer online) and the pillow cover is from the Pottery Barn Kids Madras collection. I had it embroidered myself at a local shop.

I also took down his mobiles. For decoration above his crib I added a monogram decal from the Etsy shop Elephannie and in the corner a 16x20 version of Pretty Smitten's You Are My Sunshine print. Another change was the addition of a blue and cream striped rug from Rosenberry Rooms. It's cute and adds a bit of color and texture to the room.

His reading nook remains largely unchanged. Alphabet print is from my shop, blanket and pouf are from Pixie Dust and the bookshelf is a nice Target buy.

So there you go! What do you think?

Hope you are having a good week!


  1. OMG- I just realized that YOU are the one with the Etsy shop with the "sunshine" prints! I need to get on the ball and order one already! I mentioned it on my blog when I posted about my son's nursery. The alphabet print is great too!

    I love what you did with Owen's room, the embroidery was a great idea and the red dresser is rad for a boy! I spy the same giraffe that we have in James' room too:)

  2. Oh my! That just makes me smile!! I feel so special that you new about my sunshine print :) Definitely the closest to my heart, I've sung that song to my little guy since his birth...two years ago!

    And thanks for the compliments on his room...definitely not the interior designer that you are, but I still have fun with it. I'm in love with that giraffe. It was the first thing I bought for his nursery, even before the crib!