Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Day

Hi all! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!! Did you go to Target to check out the Liberty of London items? I did, but actually didn't buy anything! There was some cute lingerie, but trying to be budget minded so I passed. I thought the bed sets were very cute too, but all of our beds in this house are done! So what did I get instead? A little inflatable pool and a bag of 100 plastic balls. I wanted something for Owen to be able to play with outside. Yesterday was gorgeous, low 70's and the perfect Spring day. Snapped some photos of our little guy with his new 'pool' and wanted to share....

He was quite thrilled with the whole thing. Woke up from his afternoon nap and immediately saw the balls. Skipped the sippy cup and went straight for these instead. First he sat in the pool (no water) and threw them around. Used his little shovel and scooped them and was just generally in awe of the shear amount of balls.

New game...dumped them all out and turned the pool over.

Crawling under....

Where's Owen?

There he is! Yep, he thought this was hilarious and of course so did we.

It was a very fun day! Here's hoping that the weather stays this way all week.


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