Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coffee Table Books

Do you love coffee table books as much as I do? I dream of filling my home with all kinds of cool books. Just browsing Amazon and here are a few on my list right now...

This one is bound to be entertaining....and Tom Brady? Nice little eye candy.

We have a vegetable garden on our side yard and getting ready to plant again this year. My gardens have done okay, but I have higher hopes for this year! So I'm in search of a good gardening book. Anyone know of one? Just saw this one and loved the pictures and title...

And a new cookbook, that way I can put my garden's bounty to good use! I've been eyeing this one since it came out last fall.

And to satisfy my design are two...

The Best of Elle Decor...well I love that magazine, so would love the book I'm sure. Inspiration please!

And because who doesn't love Kelly Wearstler

Last but not least...for my son, my FAVORITE children's book of all time


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