Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday!! Links to Love...

Hi all...don't you feel like the blog/internet world is just endless and you'll never be able to find all of the cool things, let alone read/do all of those said cool things? Well, that's how I feel, for sure. Here's my small little attempt to take control of this situation. Every Friday I plan to post links to articles, projects, recipes, inspirational photos...well really whatever has caught my eye that week! Hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Decorno: Love that picture above? It was taken by Paul Costello. His advice on how to take better pictures is here.

Pixie Dust, a personal favorite of mine for children's fabrics, recently released this fantastically pink creation called Bon Bon.

Thanks to Oh Dee Doh and Vintage Chica: Have fun and create 'word clouds' with Wordie

In the market for a new mirror? Find a huge selection here.

Or how about a vintage poster? Find those here.

And last but certainly not least...take some time this weekend to bake these and enjoy them with your family.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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