Thursday, March 8, 2012

iPad 3.

It's here! The much anticipated iPad 3 was announced yesterday (like you didn't know), are you getting one? I have one on order, yay! I have the iPad 1 now and I'm so excited to upgrade. So my question for you dear readers...what are you favorite apps? I'm going to try and use my laptop less, iPad more. I do all my design work on my nice big desktop, so hoping to use the iPad in the evenings. Would love to use it to stay organized (calendar, recipes, to-do lists, photos), answer emails and would LOVE to use it to blog. Any tips? Any bloggers out there that write posts from their iPad? I'm curious, especially how it works when uploading the pictures. Would love any and all advice! :)

Another hot topic with the iPad 3 release is of course our iPad cases. Do they fit? I've had quite a few inquiries already! Unfortunately I don't have an answer for your quite yet. I will know from my manufacturer in about two weeks if the current style will fit, or if they are going to design something new to accommodate the iPad 3. Thank you for your patience! If you want to place your order now and 'get in line' then I'm happy to work with you now on the design. Then once the case style is finalized we can get your design moving forward quickly! Cases can be found in my shop.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm excited to hear what you think of your new ipad. I have to admit, I'm a little frustrated - I can't keep up! My iPad 2 is only a few months old and is already behind. Oh well, I suppose that's how technology works.

    Thanks for sharing your cases...I knew you had phone covers, but didn't know about the iPad covers. I'll have to take a look. ;)


  2. I preordered mine, I m soooo excited! :) I will make sure to check back to see if the new cases will work!! :)