Thursday, March 24, 2011

Etsy Sweets

Have you checked out the array of sweets available on Etsy? You could plan your whole party around some of these beauties!

I think my absolute favorite cookie is the French Macaron. How gorgeous are these from Sparkles Kitchen?

And there are a ton of amazingly decorated sugar cookies. These airplane and car ones from Sugar & Flour could fit perfectly into a Pretty Smitten party!

Or build a party around these adorable Dr. Seuss cookies from Batches. Our striped pattern in bluebell and red would go perfectly!

Also from Batches...Sock Money cookies! Too cute!!

Cake pops have also made an appearance on Etsy. These are always a fun party favorite. Some of my favorites come from the shop Moms Killer Cakes.

And without the pop...cake balls from LolliDreams. Chocolate and mint, YUM.

So have I activated your sweet tooth yet? I'm pretty much ready to devour some chocolate.

Happy Thursday!


  1. How have I missed the sweets on Etsy? They look great.

  2. I am in love with Etsy and had NO idea that they sold food... thanks for the tip :)