Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking ahead...2011

Wow, we are in 2011! Happy New Year everyone! We rang in the New Year with a "carpet picnic" of my favorite date nights with Mr. J. Basically we put the babies to bed, order take out and have a little picnic on the floor. This one took place in front of our Christmas tree. A great way to enjoy its last night in our house! And as we close the book on 2010, it's time to make those resolutions again. I tend not to make too many....too much pressure and I'd rather really focus on just a few. So here they personal resolutions for 2011...I have a whole other set for Pretty Smitten, too many to list I think so I'll just stick to these...

1. Enjoy motherhood. Sounds strange I guess, because I definitely already do enjoy it...but I think enjoying your babies and taking the time to have fun with them is a conscious decision. Lets face it, toddlers can be tough! They are turning into little people, testing out the limits, and in my case, trying to climb and jump on everything. There are days when that can make anyone sane woman pull her hair out. But I try to stop and remember, they are only little for a very short time. Take the time to play with them and enjoy them. Owen loves to cook in his play kitchen and build a 'train' on the couch with pillows. And he's talking so much now that we have full conversations. He's adorable and fun and I don't want to miss anything. And little Miss Amelia, already 8 weeks! She's cooing and smiling and such a social little baby. 2011 will bring even more milestones and I plan on enjoying each and every one.

2. This might be on my list every year since owning a house, but here it is again: don't worry about having the house be 'perfect'. Ask my husband or any of my friends and they'll tell you, I'm constantly making project lists for the house. I think now that I'm a stay at home mom and I'm home so much more during the day, I tend to obsess about how things look in the house. I have some lofty goals...add crown moulding and wainscoting, knock out part of my kitchen counter to add a larger island, re-do the master bedroom and add a closet like this one. And while some of these projects might be completed in 2011, I need to realize that my house is great without any of those things. I'm incredibly blessed to have the house we have.

Wow, those first two were a bit deep. But here's one that's probably on most resolution lists...

3. Exercise more! Specifically, I'd like to go to The Dailey Method 3 times a week. It's an hour to myself, good for me and I love it. So it shouldn't be too hard to stick to this one. A bit tougher though is adding cardio to my workouts. I can't stand cardio. I despise running. I seriously run to the end of the block and I'm tired. Okay, so maybe I won't run. How about a fast walk? I can do that pushing our double stroller. So there it is, The Dailey Method and walks with the kiddos. Resolution #3.

What about you? What is on your resolution list for this year? I've decided (positive thinking you know) that 2011 is going to be the best year yet. I think I say that every year. And I think it might always be true.

Happy New Year!

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